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Knot Removal Comb petbay.lk

Knot Removal Comb

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No pain and no scratch - this pet grooming brush provides a gentle and precise dematting experience for your pets' s sensitive skin.

  • The undercoat rake for dogs cats will work wonders on a neglected or easily tangled coat.
  • The superior deshedding brush reduces hair loss significantly, stimulate the skin for hair growth.
  • With frequent grooming, your best pal will be looking their best in no time and smell fresher.
  • Equally important, the time spent grooming strengthens the bond between your pet and you!

Featuring a double-sided system that nearly effortlessly removes dense tangles, this all-in-one rake will not just detangle but also remove excess shedding, stubborn knots, and stuck undercoats for an overall look that’s smooth, hassle-free, and pain-free.

  • Rounded outside, so it doesn't scratch the skin, unlike other pointed edge tools.
  • Sharp inside, so you can smoothly remove through the toughest tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt without pulling or tugging the hair out.