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Pet Medicine Feeder

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The Oral Pet Medicine Feeder Pills Dispense is designed for pet parents who want their pets’ medication needs taken care of in a way that’s easy and fast. Just fill the feeder with pills or liquid medications. Your furry friend just took its prescribed dose without any fuss or mess. Pet Medicine Feeder container holds up to 3 ounces of liquid or 10 tablets so you’re always prepared for when your vet says “time for another round.” It also has convenient measurements marked on the side so you know exactly how much medication remains inside at


  • MATERIAL : The feeding kit is made of premium silicone, which is safe, non-toxic and soft in material, giving your pet the safest and considerate care. The surface is smooth, durable and it can be reused after cleaning.
  • SILICONE TUBE : Every Single product match 2 silicone tube. The one that doesn’t open is used to feed the liquid. The open one can be used to feed micro pills. For large pills, we recommend that you grind it and dilute it with water before feeding.
  • INSTRUCTIONS : Insert the small pill at the tip of the pill popper. Or load the liquid medicines into the barrel. Place index and middle fingers under finger rings of pill popper. Open pet’s mouth with one hand over top of head and muzzle. Apply pressure with fingers on each side of the jaw hinge, aim at the throat, pushing the piston quickly.
SIZE : Length 5.9″ & Width 2.4″