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Happy Dog Fit & Vital Puppy

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Happy Dog fit & vital - Puppy

Complete feed for puppies with lots of high-quality proteins

fit & vital - Puppy

Perfect food for your puppies: fit & vital Puppy

In the important initial phase of life from the first to the six month, your puppy grows especially intensively. So he needs all the more nutrients to develop healthily. With the fit & vital Puppy balanced puppy food from Happy Dog you are supporting the healthy growth of your new family member. This tasty complete feed provides proteins from 5 selected animal products. It also supplies your puppy with lots of natural nutrients: Linseed contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which promote a glossy coat and healthy skin. The ginger contained in the food boosts the immune system and, just like the New Zealand mussel meat, is also good for your puppy’s joints. So it is perfect during the main growth phase.

Why is fit & vital Puppy food so good for puppies?

  • Balanced variety of proteins from poultry, fish, egg and more
  • Wheat-free recipe
  • Boosts the immune system
  • With ginger and New Zealand mussels for the musculoskeletal system

When can I gradually change my puppy over to food for young dogs?

Your faithful companion grows especially fast up to around 6 months. This is followed by the young dog phase in which he grows at a moderate rate. At this point you should change to a dog food that is suitable for this phase, such as our fit & vital Junior. Familiarise your dog slowly with the new food by gradually increasing the proportion of new food you mix with the old food. This will allow your dog’s gastrointestinal tract to adapt to the change.

Why does our kibble have a hole in the middle?

The kibble for our puppy food is heart-shaped and has a hole in the middle. This enables your puppy to break up the pieces faster, making them easier to chew. The larger surface area means that the food is optimally broken down by the gastric juices which, in turn, promotes good digestion.