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Budle Budle Pet Ear Cleaner 120ml petbay.lk
Budle Budle

Budle Budle Pet Ear Cleaner 120ml

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An effective dog, cat ear cleaning medicine & ear cleansing solution to prevent & heal ear infection in dogs & cats caused by ear mites. Our ear cleaner removes debris from pet ears caused by ear mites, washes away mite eggs to prevent future mites, & antimicrobial to get rid of mites. Anti-bacterial antifungal biotic cleaner destroys secondary infections caused by yeast & bacteria. Infused with aloe to soothe redness, inflammation, and irritation from ear mites 

  • Relieving effect and painkilling 
  • Specializing deodorization and antibacterial action and antioxidant effects
  • Anti-bacteria, improving immunity, relieving, antioxidant


1.Squeeze 5 drops moderately inside ear or add to some cotton.

2.Massage ear gently to adjust inside.

3.Remove and clean with cotton ball or swab.